Amateur Radio Operator


I am Elisamuel Resto Donate, and I go by Sam. I was born in January 1987 in KP4 territory and lived there until my early twenties then moved to the United States. I am KFØACN operating out of Winona, Minnesota along the beautiful Mississipi River looking across to Wisconsin on the other side.

I got a taste of amateur radio in my childhood when my father used a Galaxy DX-2517 that made the sound of static and voices a frequent staple of my evenings in our living room. With the 2020 pandemic and having to be on quarantine after a trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year, I finally decided to become a ham.

I passed my exam on May 7, 2020 and got licensed as Technician on May 14, 2020. On August, 11 2020 I passed the exam to upgrade to General and showed up on August 12, 2020 on the FCC ULS. This was done on a whim one late night/early morning at 2am — signed up for a remote session that same morning at 10am and passed.

A thanks to all the OM who have taken time to be my Elmers in many aspects of being a ham: W0IH, W0VTT, KU0HN, N0QK, K2OPT, K0NY, AC9TO, W9LSE, and WB0NIU (SK).

Special thanks to other hams who have helped me in one way or another: KJ7FX, K7GWA, N7TMS, KA4KBX, KJ4AXD, KD4PCU, N3RYB, K0LTZ, and K0VH.

I reply to all QSL cards I receive and while I appreciate a SASE, I do not require them. I also upload all my QSOs to LoTW, eQSL, QRZ, ClubLog, and HRDlog.