Amateur Radio Operator

11 Jun 2022

Trinona 2022

The Trinona event came and went, and with that my first public service event. I was stationed at one of the corners taking pictures of the riders and my son in the back of my car saying “hi!” to anyone that passed by.

This being my first public service event I didn’t quite know what to expect and while overall it was uneventful, it was quite enjoyable and a learning experience. I even got to dust off my DSLR and took as many snaps as I could of riders as they came past my location. This year I am on a streak to help in as many club activities as I can — I inadvertedly started with Field Day 2022.

My son enjoyed it probably as much if not more than I did, which I was happy to be able to include my little boy in my hobby and I hope to do more of this in the future.

Here’s some of the pictures taken during the event… I didn’t have my glasses with me so some pictures may be slightly off focus, but these are the ones that my shakey hand didn’t mess up.

See you in 2023, Trinona!

Next time, we'll talk about "It's not broke! I just haven't gotten around to it yet..."