Amateur Radio Operator

25 Dec 2021

Happy and Sad Christmas

Today is Christmas for those of us that celebrate it, and the face of my child this morning was a beacon of light. To those of you that celebrate it, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

However, this morning our club was notified that Erik Brom (WB0NIU) had passed on December 23, 2021. Erik has not been active in HF as far as I know but was very active in our local repeaters (including their maintenance), adding technology into the club repeaters (APRS, linking the repeaters, setting up the Fusion repeaters, etc), and sharing knowledge with anybody that asked and wanted to know.

I was one of those, and spent hours talking to Erik and emailing back and forth about APRS and TNCs. Erik was a fountain of knowledge and his disposition to share it made me feel welcome into the hobby. I’ve been blessed to have may OM that I can call Elmer in my life so far (all with their specific areas that we discussed) and Erik was one of them.

We are all shocked at the sudden departure of Erik but hope that he is in a better place with the Lord. 73 my friend and Elmer, I’ll see you when it is my turn.

Next time, we'll talk about "A wire is an antenna, a flag pole is an antenna, a box spring is an antenna, a cat is an antenna..."